Bring up education is an educational technology company based in Prayagraj,India. It a platform that offers online education started in 2019 by its CEO and Founder, Mr. Ayush Kumar pandey. Bring up education is the only company which provides quality education at affordable rates in both English and Hindi to all boards (UP, CBSE and ICSE). Our company has mix pool of talented and experienced trainers.

We are putting our efforts in creating unbeatable students by providing them with the most powerful weapon called education. We are trying to achieve this with are following features:

1: We here create complete study package for students which are divided into two categories.

           • EXPLANATION : – so that it is easy for students to understand everything                                                                    by creating lectures creative.

           • EXECUTION :- so that students known how to retain the lectures in their mind.

           • REFLECTION :- so that students can use their knowledge in practical world.

2: Here with directly contact with parents to tell them their child’s performance.

 3: We here focus on every category people whether rich or poor.


We want to spread education as a tool interactive learning and fun activity where discuss concepts, solve questions and share new ideas which enhance the learning ability of students. We aim to be a revolutionary force in changing the educational pedagogy in India by using scientific tools and make a better tomorrow. Bring up Education will cultivate the habit of being persistent and innovative in every student by multilevel marketing. Our aim is to provide quality lectures to our students at affordable prices and make them happy and satisfied.

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United College of Engineering and Research, Prayagraj

This project is approved and sponsored by the United college.

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