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Internet of Things(IoT)

   What is the Internet of Things (IoT)


Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connection of devices – other than the computational platforms (workstations, tablets and smartphones) – to the Internet.


1)    Trend Supporting IoT


·     a) Cost of Hardware has decreased.


·      b)Hardware size is smaller and less weight which is needed to incorporate into computational devices.


·     c) Wireless Internet Access (cell phones, Wi-Fi) enables networking with cheap infrastructure and there is less need to install physical cables.


·    d)    Data costs are low and Data bandwidth is high.




2)    Powerful and Persuasive


·       a)Interface to the cloud:- IoT devices are basically window to these cloud server. E.g. Siri


·       b)Networking is powerful:- IoT devices can leverage powerful servers and large databases.


·       c)IoT is persuasive:-


->At home- TV/game machines can listen to our command, home automation system can control your appliances


->At work- motion sensors detect your presence


->At person- cell phones e.g. fitbit , insulin pumps, pacemaker


->Everywhere else- car, traffic lights




3)    Societal Benefits


·       a)IoT makes life easier key aspect of that is to make them better without adding complexities.


·       b)Independence of people:- IoT handle things we needed humans for, fewer doctor visits, no trips to the supermarket


·       c)Link to the world:- information access, global interaction of people is possible




4)    Risks, Privacy and Security


·       a)Social Isolation


·       b)Dependence on technology and infrastructure


·       c)Observation by IoT devices is pervasive- location: cell phones, health: health monitor, purchasing habits: credit cards, system cell phones


·       d)Purchasing and IoT device may give the manufacture permission to use or cell data.


·       e)Data may be used by insurance agencies.