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Here we will be covering Class 2 English syllabus which covers all chapters which teaches the basics of the English subject in a fun and interesting way.

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  • No prior knowledge is required. Students should be attentive during lectures and attempt the quizzes. Also students must ask freely if they have any query.


Welcome to Bring Up Education. 

We have made this course in such a way that students will be able to study with fun. We have followed the latest academic syllabus of Class 2 according to NCERT. 

We have discussed & explain each & every point crystal clearly so that students can grasp it easily. 

After completing the course student will be rewarded with a Certificate  Of Completion from Bring Up Education. 

Course Content

Unit 1: First Day At School (Poem)

The poem First Day at School deals with the anxiety one feels on the first day of his/her school. The lesson beautifully covers the emotions of a child. In this poem the child is going to school. He is sharing his feelings. He is thinking about many things on his way to school. He thinks about his classmates, teachers and also about his puppy.

Unit 1: Haldi's Adventure

Haldi’s Adventure talks about how Haldi meets a huge giraffe on her way to school one day. She speaks to the giraffe . The giraffe wore glasses and held a book in his hand.

Unit 2: I am Lucky!! (Poem)
Unit 2: I Want

This chapter is based about a monkey who wants to be like a giraffe, an elephant and a zebra. But, he later realises that he should be content with what he is and what he has.

Unit 3: A Smile (Poem)

Smile is regarded as a funny thing, which when disappears, doesn’t leave any trace on the face. It brings wonderful. 

Unit 3: The Wind & ths Sun

This story is about the wind and the sun. They both want to show their superiority on the man walking down the road. But atlast sun wins. 

Unit 4: Rain (Poem)

 This poem discusses how it’s raining everywhere- on the field, on the tree, on the umbrella and on the ships sailing at the sea.

Unit 4: Storm in the Garden

This story is about Sunu-sunu, the snail and his ant friends. It talks about how all of them faced a big storm when Sunu-sunu had gone to meet the ants in the garden.While the storm was blowing on, Sunu sunu kept on walking and reached to his mother. He told her all the experiences that he got on the way.

Unit 5: Zoo Manners (Poem)

This is a very interesting poem which teaches kids that one should be careful when one visits a zoo. One must not make fun of animals and should treat them well. Visiters should be kind & humble with animals. 

Unit 5: Funny Bunny

This story is about a foolish rabbit named Funny Bunny. One day he was sitting under a tree when one nut fell on him. He became so afraid and thought that sky was falling. He decided to tell this matter to the king. But due to his foolishness, he ultimately faces death along with other animals.

Unit 6: Mr. Nobody (Poem)

This poem is about a man who does mischievous things around &  yet no one has seen him till date.

Unit 6: Curlylocks & the Three Bears

In this story,a young girl with curly hair enters a cottage in the forest which belongs to a Bear family. She spends a good time there. However, when the Bear family arrives, she runs out of the cottage in fear.

Unit 7: On My Blackboard I can Draw (Poem)

This poem tells about the thinking and imagination of a child. The child decides to draw a little house on the blackboard & tells how the house looks like. 

Unit 7: Make it Shorter

 In this story,Akbar gives a test to his ministers by drawing a line and asks them to make it shorter without touching it. Birbal, one of the most intelligent & sharp minded minister in Akbar’s court passes the test by using his wit to draw a longer line than the one drawn by the king.

Unit 8: I am the Music Man (Poem)

This poem is about a boy who can play various musical instruments. He told to the readers that he came from far away. He told  that he can play both Piano and Drums.

Unit 8: The Mumbai Musicians

This story is about a donkey named Goopu. Goopu loves music and wants to become a musician. When he became old and couldnt able to carry the load, he decided to go to Mumbai to become musician. On the way, he met other animals .They all joined him as they also wanted to become musicians. On their way they all became tired and hungry. They saw a house. They all started singing to tell the people that they are singers. People got scared and ran away. Finally, they all ate the food calmly.

Unit 9: Granny Granny Please Comb my Hair (Poem)

This poem is about a young girl and her grandmother. The young girl asks her grandmother to comb her hair.She tells how her grandmother praises her after finishing the combing her hair.

Unit 9: The Magic Porridge Pot

This story is about a young poor girl who finds a magic pot which cooks porridge for her and her mother whenever asked to do so.

Unit 10: Strange Talk

This poem imparts information to kids about different animals - their habitats and the sounds they make .This lesson teaches kids how to maintain effective communication skills.

Unit 10: The Grasshopper & the Ant (Poem)

This is a tale of a hard-working ant who toils very hard day and night to save enough  food for the winter season. On the contrary, there is a lazy grasshopper who makes merry during the summer and ends up with no food in the cold season.

Chapter 1: Action Song (Poem)

The poet asks his readers to sing a song along with certain gestures. He first asks the readers to clap their hands and sing the song along with him. He then asks the readers to stamp their feet, clap their hands and sing the song. At last, he asks the readers to turn around and sing the song and clap their hands. 

Chapter 2: Our Day

The boy describes the morning. He says that the sun has arrived. It gives us heat and light and rises in the east and sets in the west. Then arrives in the evening. The boy says the moon arrives in the sky and all the people go back to their homes in the evening, birds go back to their nests. 

Chapter 3: My Family

A boy named Mohit who is of seven years old and studies in the second standard. He lives with his parents and has a sister named Suguna who is in the first class. Mohit further adds that his father is a farmer & his mother is a teacher.Mohit says that after he and his sister finish their homework, they both play outside and their parents watch them playing. 

Chapter 4: What's Going On?

The author describes the two pictures decriptively. 

Chapter 5: Mohan, The Potter

A potter named Mohan who lives in Kuppum Village. Mohan uses potter`s wheel to give the shape to his pots. He makes pots, jugs, oil lamps, and clay cups. The author then tells about the ways in which he uses the items made by Mohan. He says he uses jug to store water, oil lamps for worship and clay cups to drink tea and lassi. At last, the author says that Mohan also owns a bullock cart which he uses to carry the things to the city and earn money 

Chapter 6: Rain in Summer (Poem)

The poet describes the rain after a long summer afternoon. He says that the rain clatters along the roof and it gushes out as if it is struggling to come out from the overflowing spout. The rain pours down quickly across the window panes . 

Chapter 7: My Village

Author describes his village

Chapter 8: The Work People Do

Author asks us to look around our surroundings and see the work that is being done by different people. When we look around, we shall find different people doing different kinds of jobs. Author wants the readers to become aware about the jobs. 

Chapter 9: Work (Poem)

Poet talks about different kinds of works done by the people of different occupations. He is trying to make the readers aware of different kinds of occupations performed by different people.

Chapter 10: Our National Symbols

Author is describing the readers about the national symbols of our country. He describes the National Animal, National Bird, National Emblem and The National Flag. 

Chapter 11: The Festivals of India

Author talks about different festivals that are being celebrated in India.

Chapter 12: The Monkey & The Elephant

A group of monkeys were sitting on a tree, they saw an elephant coming towards them. They all started to jump around the tree as they all were scared. Suddenly, one monkey looked at the elephant and the elephant smiled and picked up the monkey and placed him on his back. Other monkeys saw this and one by one they all started to drop themselves on the back of the elephant. When the elephant started to move, they all had a good time enjoying the elephant ride. 

Chapter 13: Going to the Fair

The author is describing the fair held at Narela. 

Chapter 14: Colours (Poem)

Poet is talking about various colours present in the environment. He is also describing the colours of various objects through this poem

Chapter 15: Sikkim

Author is describing the state of Sikkim

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