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In this course , you will get knowledge of all the stories of your hindi literature book along with explanations of all quesion and answers .

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This course contains Hindi literature chapters based on NCERT syllabus for class 2nd kids . This course will give you a clear explanation of all the chapters related to your book along with interesting poems . It also gives awesome explanation of question and answers of all chapters .

Course Content

uth chala

This is very interesting poem . You will get a clear explanations along with questions 's solutions . You will enjoy it . Have Fun !!

9 minmin
bhalu ne kheli football

This is story based chapter . You will really enjoy it .

11 minmin
meow - meow

This is also a poem based on a little girl who get scared with the cat's voice . You really enjoy it !! You will also get answers to the question based on NCERT .

7 minmin
Adhik balwan kaun

This is story based chapter . I leave question and answer of this chapter for you guys . I am sure that you will find answers to your all questions after going through  explanation of this chapter .

3 minmin
Dost ki madad

This is very interesting story . This will gives you a lesson on true friendship.

8 minmin
Bhut hua

This is a poem in which everyone are very upset due to heavy rainfall . 

11 minmin
Meri kittab

This story is about a small girl who get surprised by seeing a lots of books stacked in her aunt's library .

titli aur kali

This is a poem based on nature's beauty . Butterfly tries to make buds of flowers to get awake and play with them .You will really enjoy it .


This is a story based chapter in which it discuss the features of bulbul, a bird . Then , we will cover its question and answer .

Mithi sarangi

This is also a story based chapter . We also discuss its question  answer as well . Gopi , a boy in a village shows stupidity on which villagers get annoyed .

tessu raja beech bazzar

This is a poem based chapter which talks about uncountable things and how they can be related to each other . We will discuss its explanation along with question answers .

Bus ke neeche bagh (part - 1)

This part  includes the explanations of all parts of this chapter in which we have story (bus ke neeche bagh aur  tenduye ki khabar ) and then we have a poem (bagh ka baccha ) . 

Bus ke neeche bagh (part-2 )

This is second part of chapter 12 . Hope you all enjoy . 

Sooraj jldi aana ji

This chapter is based on a interesting poem . 

Nattkhat chuha (part -1 )

This is part1 of this chapter where you will learn the story of the chapter . 

Nattkhat Chuha (part-2 )

In this , we will discuss questions and answer of this chapter .

Akki Dokki

This is story based chapter of two sisters Ekki and Dokki where you will really enjoy it .


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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Dedicated,  resourceful and goal driven professional educator with the aim of social and academic growth and development of every child . I am working hard to provide classroom environment that is stimulating and encouraging to student for their productive learning.  Providing every possible help in solving their doubts with outmost effort.

With the skill to remain flexible by ensuring that every child 's learning styles and abilities are addressed