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Benefits of Competitive Programming

Crack the Coding Interviews

Often in coding interviews, companies will present modified versions of easy and medium-level questions from competitive coding. Participating in competitions provides familiarity and confidence in coding interviews to get a leg up on internships and job offers from reputable companies.

Problem Solving Skills

One of the real benefits of competitive coding comes when we start solving problems on our own. During the contest, you will be given some real-word problems that need to be solved in the best possible way in a limited amount of time. This increases our analytical thinking abilities and improves logic building, which translates to developing key skills required to build real-life products.

Strengthen your Software Practices

Competitive programming helps us to build up logic thinking skills, write clean code, better understand the functions and modules, analyze and interpret several alternatives and features, and finally, bring meaningful insight to software products.

Land a Position in your Dream Company

Various companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. conduct online coding competitions where they directly hire candidates based on their performance in the competition.

Working as a Team

Most coding competitions happen in groups of 2-4 people. Coding alongside different individuals with diverse background and experience levels can be a great way to learn and gain different perspectives. It also encourages strengthening of coordination and management skills, which are often the key to acing coding competitions.