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general knowledge

In this course , you will get a good knowledge about our festivals , capitals of different countries , and many more interesting facts .

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This is a general knowledge course for class 2 based on NCERT syllabus .This course contains topic like states and capitals of India , National festivals of

India, rivers of India and many more interesting topics .



Course Content

Gk questions on India

In this chapter , you will learn some basic and interesting facts about India . 

7 minmin
Animals and their young ones

This video tells you by what names we call young ones of different animals .

7 minmin
Rivers of India

This chapter will give you knowledge about rivers in India .

Tell me about yourself

In this topic , we will discuss how to tell about yourself in front of someone . You will really enjoy it !!

Countries and capital

This chapter gives you knowledge on countries and their capital .

Countries and currency

This chapter includes different countries and their currencies .


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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Dedicated,  resourceful and goal driven professional educator with the aim of social and academic growth and development of every child . I am working hard to provide classroom environment that is stimulating and encouraging to student for their productive learning.  Providing every possible help in solving their doubts with outmost effort.

With the skill to remain flexible by ensuring that every child 's learning styles and abilities are addressed