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Here we will be covering Class 1 Mathematics syllabus which covers all chapters of this subject from the very basic in a fun and interesting way using graphics and animations. We have explained in each topic in bilingual way i.e. English & Hindi.

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  • No prior knowledge is required. Students should be attentive during lectures and attempt the quizzes. Also students must ask freely if they have any query.


Welcome to Bring Up Education. 

We have made this course in such a way that students will be able to study with fun. We have followed the latest academic syllabus of Class 1 .

We have discussed & explain each & every point crystal clearly so that students can grasp it easily. 

After completing the course student will be rewarded with a Certificate  Of Completion from Bring Up Education.

Course Content

Shapes and Space

Class 1 Maths Chapter 1 Shapes and Space comprises exercises on various shapes and sizes, which will help young students to identify how one shape differs from another. Here’s an overview of the list of topics that has been covered in this chapter:

  1. Inside – Outside
  2. Bigger – Smaller
  3. Biggest-Smallest
  4. Top-Bottom
  5. Nearer-Farther
  6. Nearest-Farthest
  7. On-Under, Above-Below
  8. Shapes around us
  9. Sorting
  10. Rolling – Sliding
  11. Wise Grandmother
  12. Shapes
Numbers from One to Nine

Numbers from One to Nine is a very interesting chapter, which keeps kids engaged thoroughly by lots of pictorial puzzles, matching exercises, colouring exercises, etc. It teaches kids the numbers from 1 to 9 in a very fun-filled way.


Chapter 3 Addition of Class 1 Maths has been solved in accordance with the CBSE Maths syllabus and NCERT guidelines. Here’s an overview of the list of topics that have been covered in this chapter:

  1. One more
  2. How many altogether?
  3. Add and Match
  4. Write the missing numerals

 Here’s an overview of the list of topics that have been covered in this chapter:

  1. Take Away
  2. Subtraction problems
  3. Subtract and Match
  4. Write the missing numbers
Numbers from Ten to Twenty

The chapter “Numbers from Ten to Twenty” is all about practising a lot of questions based on counting. There are interesting count-and-write exercises as well as questions on grouping objects, etc. Your kid will love to solve such questions. 


The chapter “Time” introduces kids to the importance of time. It teaches kids that most of the activities done during the entire day have a specific time they must be performed. For instance, breakfast in the mornings, brushing teeth in the morning/night, etc.


The chapter “Measurement” contains exciting questions where the student has to mark the object that is bigger, smaller, biggest, smallest, thicker, thinner, thickest, thinnest, taller, shorter, tallest, shortest, etc.

Numbers from Twenty One to Fifty

The chapter “Numbers from Twenty-one to Fifty” introduces kids to the numbers from twenty-one to fifty. It has a plethora of exercises to help kids get acquainted with and memorise the numbers.

Data Handling

The chapter “Data Handling” apprises kids of the basic questions on data handling like finding how many times a certain object/ shape has been used in a picture, which shape occurs the maximum number of times, which one occurs the least number of times, etc.


The chapter comprises illustrative questions on finding patterns in the respective questions and completing the sequences, etc.


Kids of Class 1 would have already learnt Numbers till fifty in chapters 2, 5, and 8. In the chapter “Numbers”, kids revise the numbers from one to fifty and get to learn the subsequent set of numbers- from 51 to 100.


The chapter “Money” teaches kids about the various coins and notes currently being used in India.

How Many

The chapter “How Many” is all about counting, finding out how many objects are present, etc. In a nutshell, the lesson helps kids to revise what they have learnt in the previous chapters.


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