.NET Web App - MVC

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.NET Web App - MVC

Create web application in .net using model view controller (MVC) and Sql Server as database.

  • 4.3 rating
  • (1 Reviews)
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  • Course Includes
  • 1. Introduction to ASP.NET Core Framework
  • Routing and Razor View
  • Database Integration
  • User Authentication and Authorization
  • Add Products in Different Category (Admin)
  • Design Home and Product Details Page
  • Add to Cart and Checkout
  • Place Your Order
  • User Interface (UI Styling)
  • Logging and Error Handling, Unit Testing
  • Deployment
  • Production Support (Debugging, Optimization, etc.)

What learn

  • 1. Introduction 2. What is ASP.NET Core? 3. ASP.NET Core Features 4. Advantages of ASP.NET Core 5. MVC Pattern (Mode...
  • 1. Introducing Razor View its type, tag helpers and Model binding 2. Validations & Data Annotations 3. Url Routing Ove...
  • How perform simple database operations like add, update, delete and retrieve the data from SQL database using entity fra...
  • In this chapter you will learn how to implement security for a web application using ASP.NET Identities which is recomme...
  • This module may focus on building an administrative interface to add, update, select and delete products to the system,...
  • This module would cover designing the user interface for the home page and individual product detail pages, likely using...
  • Explores the implementation of a shopping cart functionality, allowing users to add products to their cart and proceed t...
  • This module would handle the final steps of the purchasing process, where users confirm and place their orders.
  • Focuses on styling and enhancing the user interface to improve the overall user experience using JavaScript, html and cs...
  • Covers logging and error handling techniques to capture and manage application errors effectively. Also, introduces unit...
  • Discusses strategies and tools for deploying ASP.NET Core applications to production servers, including considerations f...
  • Addresses techniques for debugging and optimizing ASP.NET Core applications in a production environment, ensuring they p...

Course Content

12 sections • 24 lectures •
Introduction to ASP .Net Core
Introduction What is ASP.NET Core? ASP.NET Core Features Advantages of ASP.NET Core
Understanding ASP.NET Core MVC
MVC Pattern - Model, View & Controller ASP.NET Core Environment Setup ASP .NET Core First Application Project Layout Understanding Life Cycle of ASP.Net Core Request
Views & Tag Helpers
 Introducing Razor View  Advantages of Razor View  Razor Syntax  Types of Views  Partial Views  Layout Pages  Html Helpers  Built-In Html Helpers  URL helpers  Tag Helpers  Custom Tag Helpers
URL Routing
Request handling in mvc Parameters in URL Default Parameter Values Parameters with Constraints