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This is a mathematics course for class 2nd students . Here , you will get interactive environment for better understanding .

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This is a mathematics course based on NCERT syllabus for class 2nd students .Complete coverage of all type of questions for school exam .

Here we will cover basics to advance level of concepts . 

Course Content

What is long and what is round ?

In this chapter , you will learn what type of objects can roll and what type of objects can slide .

counting in groups

In this chapter , you will learn how to count in groups . Here you don't have to use ordinary counting .

How much can you carry

After this chapter , you will have a better understanding about the object's weight and you will be able to judge which object is lighter and which are heavier .

Counting in Tens

This is basic and very important chapter for further chapters . In this chapter , students will learn how to determine tens and ones of any number . You will have practice of variety of questions


In this chapter , you will learn different PATTERNS that different objects are following in day to day life . Then how numbers , alphabets are following different pattern and series . 


In this chapter , you will have knowledge of basic shapes .

jugs and mugs

In this chapter , kids will learn basic measuring capacity units and how to perform addition and subtraction on them .

Tens and ones

This is very basic chapter which will build up your understanding for further chapters . In this , you will be able to understand how to calculate tens and ones of any number and its significance .

My Funday

This Chapter include day in a week , months in a year , climate and many more interesting things .

Add our points

This chapter includes addition of numbers along with number of word problems . You really enjoy it and love this session .

Lines and lines

This chapter includes types of lines and types of curves . 

Give and Take (Part-1)

Kids , I have divided this chapter into two parts . This is first part of this chapter where you will learn some basics and clear your concept through visual pictures and examples . 

Give and take (part 2)

This part of chapter no 12 contains mainly subtraction of two numbers and three numbers . Addition of numbers , we have already covered in part 1 of this chapter . Then , we have covered some word problems based on them .

The Longest Step (part 1 )

In this chapter , we will discuss different ancient measuring units of lengths . Then, we will cover standard measuring units which is used nowadays . 

The longest Step (part - 2)

This chapter will cover addition and subtraction on standard units of lengths . Then , we will cover some word problems based on them .

Birds come, Birds go (part-1)

In this chapter , we will cover some basic and simple addition and subtraction using groups i.e using shapes .

Birds come , birds go (part-2)

In this chapter , we will have a quick revision on all the topics that we had discussed till now . You will learn a quick calculations on addition and subtraction . 

How many ponytails

In this chapter , we will have quick analysis on months in a year and on some daily life scenario.


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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Dedicated,  resourceful and goal driven professional educator with the aim of social and academic growth and development of every child . I am working hard to provide classroom environment that is stimulating and encouraging to student for their productive learning.  Providing every possible help in solving their doubts with outmost effort.

With the skill to remain flexible by ensuring that every child 's learning styles and abilities are addressed