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Excel Interface Data analysis Formulas in Excel Excel Worksheet

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  • Minimum system requirement: Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB RAM or higher A system with a decent internet connection Your dedication Interest to learn


Course Curriculum

Microsoft Office in Brief

What, Why and How of Excel

MS Excel Introduction and UI

Working on Rows and Columns

Editing and customizing data

Paste special

Working on worksheets

Basic formulas and functions

Find, Select, Replace, Go to

Filling, Copying

Cell referencing


Text functions

Logical or Comparative Operators

Text operations

IF and IFs functions

Database Functions

Logical functions

Speak cells, Show formulas

Basic unconditional formatting in Excel

Protection in Excel

Formula auditing

Naming, Sorting and Filtering

Tables in Excel


Data Validation and Dropdown

Index, Match

LOOKUP in Excel

Conditional Formatting

Date and Time Functions

Pivot Tables in Excel

Charts in Excel

Excel Power Query

Excel Dashboarding

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor